Bungendore Wood Works Gallery prides itself in the level of service it offers its visitors and clients. The Gallery makes freely available information on a wide range of subject matters, including articles and editorial comment, descriptions of timbers, recommendations for finishing and care of product.

There are also links to woodworking schools and New Artist and Media information kits.

Woodcarving Classes

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Enjoy learning the skills of woodcarving & sculpture from Grant Vaughan, a wood artist with over 30 years experience. The classes are held in Grant's studio which sits on 85 acres of tranquil bushland in the foothills of the Border Ranges in Northern NSW.

Grant's personal tuition in small classes and well prepared projects will ensure you enjoy a memorable and unique creative experience. All skill levels catered for. Minimum age 16 years.

You will learn the processes to create a new piece from initial concept through to the final product. Each participant is supplied with the timber to carve a sculptural piece to a set design. The design has a similar aesthetic to Grant's own work.

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Craft Arts International - 30 years of excellence

Thursday 12 December 2013

Craft Arts International is celebrating 30 years. Thirty years is a long time, a generation, and as a commercial enterprise, and as a leading publication in the crafts and arts world, this is one very great achievement indeed.

Congratulations to Jenie and Ken, and your staff, on the stand-out international crafts and arts publication you have created, nurtured, and grown to become the world class publication that it is today.

As a commercial gallery that has just celebrated its 30th year we know what it takes. You have chronicled the spectacular orbit of Australian craft and arts, and more recently the similar exciting trends internationally.

David Mac Laren
Artistic Director, Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

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ABC TV 7.30 Report - Interview with Geoff Hannah

Friday 04 October 2013

Geoff Hannah and his cabinet, The Hannah Cabinet, was featured on ABC Television's 7.30 Report on Friday October 25, 2013.

At the end of the segment it was reported that the Cabinet could be viewed at the NGA. This was incorrect, it is on show at our Bungendore Wood Works Gallery.

The segment can be watched online on the ABC website

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An Illustrated History of the Dovetail Joint

Thursday 22 August 2013

Back in the good old days when men were men and women were suitably grateful, woodworking was a crude and artless business, with nails and poor quality glues adding what little strength there was to the woodworking joints. This was not good enough for one young Irish visionary. Fergus Murphy, who determined to find a A Better Way. Fergus, believing that the wood was cut and joined could alone provide all the strength that was required, was one day sitting gazing at his father's dovecot when he was suddenly transfixed by an that was to eventually revolutionise the woodworking scene. Now read on...

Blackwood and Huon Pine

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Craft Arts: 30 Years in the Making

Monday 27 August 2012

We just completed a full page ad for the upcoming Craft Arts International. It was exciting to introduce the 2013 exhibition program celebrating our 30 year anniversary.

Come ride with us through 2013 as we present an exhibition program that delivers on our promise – to offer our space to encourage woodworkers and fine artists, past, present and future, to display their workmanship, skills and ideas, whether they work with wood or on canvas, paper or board.

Arriving in Bungendore from Manhattan, a journeyman in the making, with a desire to show wood works to everyone, I created a gallery in 1983 for woodworkers to display their works; where diversity is encouraged and fine craftsmanship essential.

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Australian Wood Review: Wood work courses and Schools

Thursday 26 July 2012

The Australian Wood Review has an extensive list of Wood work courses and schools. Click on the link below for more information.

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Get beachside in Bungendore for a swell time

Sunday 19 February 2012

February 19, 2012, MICHAEL INMAN Canberra Times

THE END of summer may be in sight, but Canberrans still have the chance to hit the beach today.

The venue may be kilometres from the ocean, but all the fun of the coast is on show at the Beached in Bungendore art installation. 

The Bungendore Wood Works Gallery will today be converted into a beach, complete with sand, surfboards, barbecue, board shorts, Hawaiian shirts and surf music. 

Highlights of the day include a historic surfboard display, beach made of sand from Stockton, near Newcastle, dance demonstrations and lessons on how to do the surfers stomp, the twist and the limbo.

It will be a nostalgic day for gallery exhibitions co-ordinator Stan d'Argeavel. Mr d'Argeavel joined the surf culture as an youngster in Newcastle in 1959 and has amassed a large collection of surfboards over the past five decades - 16 of which will be on display today. 

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Carbon and Wood

Friday 03 February 2012

A recent television commercial highlights the fact that wood stores carbon and that this is an environmental positive.

Read more about wood and carbon

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Kunos Natural Oil

Friday 03 February 2012

Here at the Gallery we use Kunos Natural Oil Sealer No. 244 with Svalos Thinner No. 222 as the finish on nearly all of the Gallery’s in house product. Kunos oil is made from natural safe ingredients that do not pose any danger to personal health or the environment and is suitable for treating timber food preparation utensils such as bench tops, salad bowls etc. Kunos is a waterproof product to allow for washing of utensils. We use the same finish on furniture, sculptures and other items found in the Gallery that are made of wood.

Read more about Kunos Natural Oil Sealer No. 244 and Svalos Thinner No. 222 on the suppliers website.

Individual makers may use other finishes such as two-pack lacquers etc. and you will find some of those are listed here where applicable.

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Makers mark

Friday 07 October 2011

Recently we have been focused on documenting what we do and how we do it. To help with this we have designed and produced samples of a "Maker's Mark" that will be attached in an inconspicuous place to furniture designed and hand crafted by David Mac Laren Artistic Director. Check out the samples above laser engraved by the Canberra Trophy Centre .

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Craft Valuation

Friday 07 October 2011

Meredith Hinchliffe

Meredith Hinchliffe is a freelance arts advocate and writer living and working in Canberra. She began work at the Craft Association of the ACT in 1978 and has been actively involved in the crafts since that time. She is approved to value Australian ceramics glass textiles jewellery leatherwork wooden objects and furniture from 1970 for the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program.

Meredith has been a strong supporter of Bungendore Wood Works Gallery since it opened and has written many reviews and articles about exhibitions and exhibiting artists.

Email Meredith:

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On the Making, Recording and Provenance of a Piece

Friday 07 October 2011

Presented to the Studio Furniture 2010 Wood Conference - Towards Professionalism. This is a fictional Story of a 'best practice' chain of events leading to a complete provenance of a commissioned piece of fine furniture.

This is my story to date.

I was made in the late 1970s by a highly respected furniture designer/maker whose name is Billie, as a commission for a family whose name is Cash. The family dealt with a commercial gallery that Billie exhibited with and sold work through regularly. They had seen a piece of his work in an important group exhibition, similar to the one we will see tonight.

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Timber combines knockout looks with ethical kudos

Monday 11 July 2011

In the weekend Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum there was an interesting article about the ethics and aesthetics of wood that we thought was particularly relevant given all the recent debate about carbon pricing.

"Timber combines knockout looks with ethical kudos, writes HELEN GREENWOOD.

Trees are nature's carbon storage. So says Peter Maddison, the architect and host of LifeStyle Channel's Grand Designs Australia, in a recent television ad. By using wooden products made of sustainable timber, we help tackle climate change.

The logic goes like this: growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, emit oxygen and store carbon. The carbon remains locked in the wood for the life of the piece of timber until it rots, decays or is burnt. By planting trees and using wood rather than other materials, we invest in a long-term way to sink and store carbon for Australia.

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Keeping the record straight

Monday 30 May 2011

As part of the Gallery’s upcoming 30th Anniversary Celebrations in 2013, I am about to begin documenting my past furniture pieces and other woodwork. The intention here is threefold: firstly we wish to establish an asset register of all the past and current work produced by me for the Gallery; secondly, we have recently undertaken a role of encouraging ourselves and our contributing makers and artists to adopt a regime of full and comprehensive provenance procedures to comply with a “best practice” situation regarding specific works; and thirdly, as part of the 30th year celebrations I will be publishing a book of my work in conjunction with a general history of the Gallery’s activities, buildings and significant events and exhibitions since its inception in 1983.

Over the next year or two, but beginning as soon as practicable and with the permission of furniture owners, I would like to identify, source and document as many of my past significant pieces as possible.

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Signatures Review

Friday 17 October 2008

SIGNATURES – 25th Anniversary Exhibition 1983-2008, Bungendore Wood Works Gallery, Kings Highway, Bungendore, until November 19, 2008. Open daily 9am to 5pm.

A signature is defined as a person’s name or initials, as a mark or significant appearance. The title of this exhibition has been chosen deliberately – eleven fine woodworkers, most of whom who have been associated with Bungendore Wood Works Gallery throughout its existence, make significant and exceptional work – and generally it is recognisable.

Bungendore Wood Works has a strong altruistic streak to its commercial activities. All those who work there are committed to bringing the narrative of the making of a piece – small or large – to the purchaser. Who made it, where it was made, what timber is it made from: these questions form part of the story behind a work. The Gallery is imbuing the work of its makers with the notion of a ‘signature’.

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Studio Furniture 2008

Friday 23 May 2008

Craft Australia 716 craft·design ISSN:1835-1832 Issue 029 April 2008

Studio Furniture 2008 was initiated by David MacLaren, Artistic Director of Bungendore Wood Works Gallery, as a way to foster the production of unique pieces of furniture by makers and to highlight the important role of commercial galleries. Stan d'Argeavel presents an overview of the competition and exhibition with images of the winning works.

Articles - 31 March 2008
Studio Furniture 2008

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