Craft Arts International - 30 years of excellence

Craft Arts International is celebrating 30 years. Thirty years is a long time, a generation, and as a commercial enterprise, and as a leading publication in the crafts and arts world, this is one very great achievement indeed.

Congratulations to Jenie and Ken, and your staff, on the stand-out international crafts and arts publication you have created, nurtured, and grown to become the world class publication that it is today.

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ABC TV 7.30 Report - Interview with Geoff Hannah

Geoff Hannah and his cabinet, The Hannah Cabinet, was featured on ABC Television's 7.30 Report on Friday October 25, 2013.

At the end of the segment it was reported that the Cabinet could be viewed at the NGA. This was incorrect, it is on show at our Bungendore Wood Works Gallery.

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Craft Arts: 30 Years in the Making

We just completed a full page ad for the upcoming Craft Arts International. It was exciting to introduce the 2013 exhibition program celebrating our 30 year anniversary.

Come ride with us through 2013 as we present an exhibition program that delivers on our promise – to offer our space to encourage woodworkers and fine artists, past, present and future, to display their workmanship, skills and ideas, whether they work with wood or on canvas, paper or board.

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Get beachside in Bungendore for a swell time

February 19, 2012, MICHAEL INMAN Canberra Times

THE END of summer may be in sight, but Canberrans still have the chance to hit the beach today.

The venue may be kilometres from the ocean, but all the fun of the coast is on show at the Beached in Bungendore art installation. 

The Bungendore Wood Works Gallery will today be converted into a beach, complete with sand, surfboards, barbecue, board shorts, Hawaiian shirts and surf music. 

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Signatures Review

SIGNATURES – 25th Anniversary Exhibition 1983-2008, Bungendore Wood Works Gallery, Kings Highway, Bungendore, until November 19, 2008. Open daily 9am to 5pm.

A signature is defined as a person’s name or initials, as a mark or significant appearance. The title of this exhibition has been chosen deliberately – eleven fine woodworkers, most of whom who have been associated with Bungendore Wood Works Gallery throughout its existence, make significant and exceptional work – and generally it is recognisable.

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Studio Furniture 2008

Craft Australia 716 craft·design ISSN:1835-1832 Issue 029 April 2008

Studio Furniture 2008 was initiated by David MacLaren, Artistic Director of Bungendore Wood Works Gallery, as a way to foster the production of unique pieces of furniture by makers and to highlight the important role of commercial galleries. Stan d'Argeavel presents an overview of the competition and exhibition with images of the winning works.

Articles - 31 March 2008
Studio Furniture 2008

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Things of Tone and Wood

Canberra Times, Times 2, Friday 25th January, 2008

by Ron Cerabona

Furniture can be regarded as simply functional: somewhere to, literally, hang your hat, or put up your feet, or eat dinner, or just sink down in front of the television after a hard day at work. But the best of it is more than that. It can also be a work of art, something to admire in and of itself.

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Celebrating Two Decades of Fine Woodworking in Australia

Craft Arts International Magazine #60 2004

by Terry Martin

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The Art of Relationship

Canberra Review/Canberra Times, February 12, 2000

by Stan d'Argeavel

Its a long, long way from the Off-Broadway theatre stage to the quiet, secluded streets and lanes of Bungendore village and an even further distance from successful playwright to fine wood worker and gallery director. Bungendore Wood Works Gallery owner and artistic director David Mac Laren revels in just that.

“When I moved from New York City to Bungendore I wanted a place to display my furniture as well as the work of other furniture makers in the region.” says David.

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Don Burrows invites you to Stop, Look and Listen

Capital Magazine Issue Twenty Five November - December 2006

by Stan d'Argeavel

A brief look around the walls of Australian jazz musician Don Burrows' studio reveals an impressive portrait of success and recognition in the music business. Looking further reveals the fact that a second artistic medium pervades his creative life.

Burrows is equally at home in the photographic darkroom as he is on the stage. To be blessed with a talent at a level few artists attain is one thing, to carry that talent to a second artistic medium is reserved for a few gifted individuals.

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