Celebrating Two Decades of Fine Woodworking in Australia

Thursday 13 March 2008

Craft Arts International Magazine #60 2004

by Terry Martin

In 1977 a young furniture maker named David Mac Laren arrived in Australia from New York. He had a fulfilling life as a furniture maker in America, but he became disillusioned with pervasive materialism and came to Australia to try to establish a more meaningful life. Like many at that time, he dreamt of self-sufficiency, so he bought rural land near the village of Bungendore, 30 minutes from Canberra, and set up his workshop. Eventually Mac Laren decided to open a gallery because he wanted a place to display his furniture and pieces by other furniture makers. It was a simple desire that gave no hint of the success and expansion of the coming years.

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The Art of Relationship

Thursday 13 March 2008

Canberra Review/Canberra Times, February 12, 2000

by Stan d'Argeavel

Its a long, long way from the Off-Broadway theatre stage to the quiet, secluded streets and lanes of Bungendore village and an even further distance from successful playwright to fine wood worker and gallery director. Bungendore Wood Works Gallery owner and artistic director David Mac Laren revels in just that.

“When I moved from New York City to Bungendore I wanted a place to display my furniture as well as the work of other furniture makers in the region.” says David.

And it’s this relationship with his designer/makers that David now finds the most challenging and enjoyable facet of running one of this country’s finest mixed media galleries - all in a sleepy little village in the Southern Tablelands of NSW.

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Don Burrows invites you to Stop, Look and Listen

Wednesday 05 March 2008

Capital Magazine Issue Twenty Five November - December 2006

by Stan d'Argeavel

A brief look around the walls of Australian jazz musician Don Burrows' studio reveals an impressive portrait of success and recognition in the music business. Looking further reveals the fact that a second artistic medium pervades his creative life.

Burrows is equally at home in the photographic darkroom as he is on the stage. To be blessed with a talent at a level few artists attain is one thing, to carry that talent to a second artistic medium is reserved for a few gifted individuals.

Don Burrows has been treading the boards as a professional musician for 65 years. In 1973 the twice-named Australian Living Treasure received the first Gold Record ever awarded to an Australian jazz musician, instigated the first Jazz studies program in the Southern Hemisphere at the NSW Conservatorium of Music and was awarded an MBE.

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