Silvio Apponyi and Pamela Griffith

Silvio Apponyi



Pamela Griffith

Teeming With Life

Care For Wetlands

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Pamela Griffith & Silvio Apponyi

24 September – 10 December – 2017

Opening by Robert Purves AM

Founder – The Purves Environmental Fund, President – WWF Australia, A founding member – Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, A Director – Climate Council of Australia, A Patron – Lizard Island Research Station, Governor Australian Youth Climate Coalition. Honorary Fellow University of Sydney.

2pm Sunday 24 September 2017

Octagon ArtSpace, Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

Exhibition continues until 10 December 2017

Painter/Printmaker Pamela Griffith and Sculptor/Carver Silvio Apponyi cover common ground with their inspiring works that invite you to share their love and concern for nature, flora, and fauna and the delicate position wild life holds in a world obsessed with profit, the world which often involves the exploitation of precious environments.

While both artists work in very different mediums they share a concern for nature and the limited resource we call Earth. They are also extremely gifted and know their craft well due to their many years working as professional artists.

Silvio Apponyi has a penchant for the three-dimensional representation of fauna and his talent and skill shows boldly through his expressive sculptures. From the smallest fossil to a majestic large animal Apponyi is a master of scale and proportion. He has the ability to bring out the best qualities of the material he selects to carve or mould.

Pamela Griffith works in watercolour, acrylic, gouache and oil. Her pen and ink drawings are detailed and stand on their own. They are what you would expect from such an accomplished printmaker.

She visits places like the Galapagos, Lord Howe Island, The Macquarie Marshes, Kakadu, and the Australian Outback where she sketches and paints what she sees as the diversity of nature. Lately, she has focused on wetlands.

Silvio Apponyi

Silvio Apponyi is an Australian sculptor/Printmaker based in Balhannah in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia and is one of Bungendore Wood Works Gallery’s longest standing and most prolific artists.

He participated in the “Collaborations” exhibition in Newcastle recently. Silvio’s style has developed over the years, from entirely abstract creations (still used in fine details and larger pieces) to an astonishing level of detail and realism in his work.

His main inspiration is the Australian fauna, (and not unlike his fellow exhibiting artist Pamela Griffith) hopes to draw attention to these unique and often endangered species.

In his self-built studio Silvio works in a variety of media, primarily wood, Australian granites & marbles and bronze, and occasionally exotic materials such as (in this exhibition – Deer Antler) and His sculptures range from delicate ‘Netsuke’ style pieces to massive public granite works.

Here’s a peek into Silvio’s creative mind

“I have just come in from the workshop where I have spent the afternoon working on a red cedar galah I started some years ago. And I was frustrated with it because I just couldn’t get it to work. But now all the carving I have been doing lately has shown me all the things I haven’t been doing, but should have been for the last few years. The old brain is in gear again and the galah just snapped into focus – the proportions are working and the composition has come good. I have relit the fire in my belly and intend to keep warm beside it again.”

He has just returned from six weeks of discovering more wonderful public art in England, Germany and the Baltic, including a visit to Barbara Hepworth’s Sculpture Garden in St Ives in Cornwall. That creative mind now has provided even more ammunition for creativity.

Pamela Griffith

Pamela Griffith has a substantial body of art works in the Australian and international community. She is represented in regional, state and federal collections and has been commissioned to produce works of national significance for commemorative occasions. Pamela has been a major player in Art, history and science collaborations. She works in watercolour, gouache, acrylic and oil and this exhibition demonstrates Griffith’s mastery of a variety of mediums that she uses in her effort to find expressive ways of depicting nature. Sometimes her work is quirky because she sets out to deliver some lovely drama that she witnesses while camping in places where she gathers her material.

Pamela is well known for her etchings and relief prints and has successfully run the Griffith Studio and Graphic Workshop where many artists have been assisted to produce editions of their work. The National Gallery, Canberra, and the National Library are just two places where her work can be viewed. These days she still prints but has now focused mainly on her works on canvas and on public projects.

Pamela Griffith is a full-time artist. Every year she paints portraits of outstanding citizens and many of these have found their way into various public institutions.

“Teeming with life – Care for Wetlands” is an exhibition comprising her latest works and they are presented here as part of a larger body that formed the popular one woman exhibition “Teeming with life, The Wongaloo Project” at the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Townsville, Queensland in July-August 2017.