Hannah Cabinet

The Hannah Cabinet from Master Craftsman Geoff Hannah

The Hannah Cabinet is Geoff Hannah’s latest masterpiece and was made over a six year period using 34 different Australian and international timbers, 4 species of shell and 17 varieties of precious stone with extensive marquetry inlays on 18 doors and on, and in, 140 drawers.

Due to popular demand and substantial interest by Gallery patrons the magnificent Hannah Cabinet will remain at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery.

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Watch the Hannah Cabinet installed at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

Geoff Hannah

Born in 1948 in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, Geoff Hannah studied as an apprentice cabinetmaker from the age of 15 before starting his own business in 1973. Awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 1980, Geoff travelled to England and France to study furniture from the period 1635-1850.

Time spent in the workshops of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and the Palace of Versailles, France, were particular highlights of his study tour, as were his special privileges and after hours visits in the Louvre, Paris.

18 doors • 140 drawers • 34 timbers • 17 precious stone varieties • 4 shell species • 23 carat gold • Extensive marquetry inlays

Thursday 16 May 2013