Home with Wood – Review by Meredith Hinchliffe

Meredith Hinchliffe, freelance arts advocate and writer reviews Home with Wood.

Furniture defines and structures the space in which it is located. It can make a room inviting, beckoning us to be comfortable, and can show our discernment, even when it is a production piece.

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Home with Wood

13 September – 20 November 2014
Home with Wood is an exciting exhibition that considers how people live and what they need, by providing innovative works that will enhance our contemporary domestic environments. Featuring work by more than 20 acclaimed wood designers, makers and artists, all accredited members of Studio Woodworkers Australia.

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Alex Gibson

Singer, Songwriter, and star of ‘The Voice’ with a bag-full of Blues, Folk, Soul, Jazz and Soft Rock.

Saturday 15th November 6.30pm. 3 Course Dinner and Show $75

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Michael Retter Marquetry

Take a close look at this matching set of marquetry panels by master craftsman Michael Retter. The 32x46cm panels were commissioned late last year and were recently photographed by the owner. Exceptional work and artistry.

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The Fallen

For over a decade two distinctive sculptures carved with chainsaws by Remo Vallance have stood on the Gallery lawn.

Sadly, one has fallen. Hopefully, after a visit to the workshop, it will shortly return.

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Giant Pear

This Giant Coolibah Burl Pear was commissioned when Inca from Queensland visited the Gallery and saw, and fell in love with, our range of wooden turned fruit. She asked if we could make a wooden pear specially for her, only it had to be 30cm high!  

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Table with Boots

If tables have legs, then why not complete them with boots? The “Table with Boots” Wall Table by Gallery Artistic Director David Mac Laren provides a welcome break from the austerity of contemporary design with a sense of true whimsy and play.

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